Technomarine makes use of a range of professional tools, including but not limited to:

Laser Alignment

Tools for accurate alignment of engine components.


Till 80.000 kg (176.000 lbs).

Torque multipliers

From 100 till 11.000 kg (220 till +24.000 lbs).

Torque wrenches

From 5 till 150 kg (11 till 330 lbs).

Magnaflux equipment

For the detection of micro fractures

Hydraulic jacks

From 5.000 till 100.000 kg (11.000 till 220.000 kg).

Digital micrometers

Till 1500mm (59 Inches).


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Technomarine has moved

01-03-2019 Technomarine has moved per March 1st 2019. Our new address is: Technomarine Engineering B.V. Heerenpolderweg 13 4471RV Wolphaartsdijk The Netherlands
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