Technomarine Engineering B.V. (“Technomarine”) understands that privacy is important. For that reason, Technomarine will use the data that we collect carefully and according to the law. On this page you can review our policy regarding privacy.

What kind of data do we collect?

Technomarine will collect the following information from you:

  • (Personal) information that you have voluntarily given to us
  • Information that is collected by the means of cookies and or other technologies
  • Information that is collected by the means of website analysis tools

Examples of the information that we collect

  • Forms for e-mail communication
  • Forms for newsletter subscription
  • IP-address
  • Browser / Operating system
  • Pages that have been viewed
  • Search queries
  • Etc.

Why does Technomarine collect this information?

  • To answer e-mails from you (that were filled in on our e-mail pages)
  • To analyze the effectiveness of our website and its pages
  • To provide you with newsletter communication from Technomarine
  • To improve our online services

To whom does Technomarine provide the information?

Technomarine will not provide information to third parties.
Note: Technomarine uses analyzing programs to collect information. These programs are from third-parties. These parties may use certain data at their own discretion!

Technomarine has the right to change this policy at any given moment without prior notice.

Copyright Technomarine Engineering BV – 2012
Last modified 30 November 2012

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